hellooo everrrrryyyyyyyyyyoneeeeeeeee...

hello im new here
nice to see so many familar nicks here

Hello Bro, welcome welcome

hellooo everrrrryyyyyyyyyyoneeeeeeeee... AROWANA Forum Me too just joined。
>welcome mentos we are glad to have you here at aft。 i hope you enjoy。
>Nice to see another familiar nick here。 Welcome to AFT!
>sorry for my delay,aquatic plumbing I had problems with connection。
I am very happy to welcome you among us。
Friendship of France?hellooo everrrrryyyyyyyyyyoneeeeeeeee。。。。。


    hellooo everrrrryyyyyyyyyyoneeeeeeeee...
    2019-08-31 11:37:11 Contents
    Binzhou arowana fish friends said to put a few scavengers eat moss, reduce the light time. -

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