Arowana scales

Hi members, my arowana scales drop and from grey it turn to a patch of white , can anyone help thanks,fish vs pirates any comments appreciated 。。

Arowana scales AROWANA ForumThe scales will grow back to normal and will take some time depending on the size and age of your aro
>Any pictures?
>Cant really tell from the pictures。 Good effort though。
If the scale has just dropped,Arowana scales then the white youre seeing is the meat under the scales。 Then will typically turn darker after about a day as the injury site heals itself and a new scale starts to grow over weeks/months。
If the white is kinda fluffy, then it is probably fungus。
My opinion is essentially to leave it alone。 Just maintain good water parameters (ie。 water changes)。 Dont even bother adding salt as some will advise。 If salt is not part of your routine, then dont bother cos getting the wrong dosage (which is all too easy to do), can do more harm than good。
The aro will heal itself。 Just take care of water。 If water good, fish will also be good。
>Ok thanks alot, its recovering and its not those fluffy type , can I ask you what brand of anti chlorine is good for them ? Seachem prime?

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