My plain plain HBRTGhigh back arowana

My plain plain HBRTGhigh back arowanaMy plain plain HBRTGhigh back arowanaHad it since it was 6 inches。 Enjoy~
nice, your tank look abit squeezy
>ya man。 thinking of clearing some fishes。 but cannot decide what to clear =。=
>or upgrade your tank if u dont want to clear haha ,high back arowana view also nicer 。
>how big is ur tank bro?。。。nice aro u hv and pbs。。。
>small small tank, 522 only

My plain plain HBRTGhigh back arowana AROWANA Forum

>Hi bro,fish model
Still bigger than mine (4x4x2), but only keep 3 fish ( 14"; XB, 6"; Red Hood 5"; RTC)。
Btw, thanks for sharing your collection。
>solid hbrtg you PBs also solid
>Your bio load must be very high。 BB very power pack to handle such a high load。
>i use waterlife bb and a lot of plants with extra 2 baskets of ceramic rings with more plants on top lo。 i guess you can say theres alot of waste cause the plants are growing damn well。 haha。 i use my ITs as water markers, once they turn black, i know something is wrong
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