3 bar clean IT

3 bar clean IT3 bar clean IT Aquaculture Forum==comments==
V nice n stable 3 bar。
Good catch bro
>Originally Posted by 81civic V nice n stable 3 bar。

Good catch bro thanks bro。。 pumping them with gf to make them pui pui。
>Solid thick bar you have , Any idea where you bought it at ?
>Very good catch you have there! I love the stability and bars。
>Nice and stable,fluval body seems got a black spot between the bars。 Perhaps is photo angle
>Very nice, how big izzit? is this IT or ST? cannot tell leh
>Nice stable tiger 。。ST looks *IT tail* nice catch
>swee 3bar you have, how big ?
>This piece is one of the rare IT with the 3rd bar straight with the extra jutted piece。 Or is this a ST ?
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