Fgt fts

Fgt ftsJust to share my 5 fgt。 Sorry not enough lighting。
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on all ur lights!!!
lol nice。。 getting bigger and bigger
>Nice comm, thanks for sharing
>thanks。 will try to take better pics when i have better lighting。 inside are 3 rays, 2 hb rtg, 1 xb,ocean aquarium 2 small AT, 8 small ITs (4-6";), 1 ntt, 2 bahia pb, used to be 3, i lost one pb not sure if the sbkm ate it。
>nice fgt and fishes you got there。。。。。
just curious, your powerhead will not suck the base gravel?
>Nice Fgt setup。。。。。 bio load must be high。。。 Cheers!!!
>first time see black fgt !look nice !
>FGT can be swee also some more can put on floor, nice comm there。 Thank for sharing。
>nice collection u have there 。
>Always wanted to have a see thru FGT。。。。Nice
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