st not eating

Hello bros,
Need advice from the experts here。 Just got back st from my friend last week。 Till now, its still not eating。 Nvr encounter this problem from my ex st before。 Fed mp and feeders but not chasing after food。 Getting skinny now。 Pls advice。
Feeders also not eating? How about Ghosts shrimps?
And u got other eating Dats inside same tank?
>My other tigers eating very well。 Eat till stomach so full。
>Try live GS。。。。see if it eat first
Video to share
>Nice,Super Red Arowana thanks for sharing
If its new to its tank, let it get used to first
>Is the ST eating when in your friends place。 IF yes, then should be still getting used to your environment。 How long you got it?
>Big guys sometimes dun eat for 1-2 months。。。。
>My Dorado did not eat for 3 weeks when I first bought him home。 He is 14。 Now eat like a pig on anything meaty。
My wolf fish is the same。 Almost one month already。 Dont be unduly worried unless the ST appears abnormal (meaning behaviour, colour, weird behaviours etc)。
>thanx for all the feedbacks friends。 bro KongSK already advice me on certain things。 maybe will give a little bit more time for this guy。 hehe。 feeling anxious thats all。 never had this problems before。

st not eating AROWANA Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet once again bros, thanx for all the advices。
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