Green aros

Anyone know where to buy them?
Originally Posted by I Am Legend Anyone know where to buy them? Franciss feeder shop Pasir Ris lot 35。

Green aros AROWANA Forum Saw about 20 pieces there
>I think GREEN AROWANAs really lack color its unfortunate
>I thought they are green。 。。。。。
>how big n sizze u lookin for ?
pm me
>Now goldie are getting cheaper。 Can consider buying than green aro。
>Yep small ones now cheap。 Will go lfs and check it out
>bro, unless you really want a green if not i think get a better aro if budget permits。
last time im starting with something with lower price cause thought i could change to a better 1 later。 but not long after i started to think those xb in lfs。 im consider lucky the lfs offer trade in and unlucky cause i pay more than normal cause of this privilege。 at the end i lose some time and money。
the problem in upgrading aro is not all lfs keen to buyback their sold aro。 considering its a green aro ,Green arosMalaysia Goldend Arowana finding another interested hobbyist is not easy。 dumping in the lake is not ethical。and making it die purposely is murder。
unless u r sure of keeping it for a long time , or u got extra tank to keep another aro when u want to upgrade。 disposing a big fish is 10x times harder than getting 1。
>Originally Posted by I Am Legend Anyone know where to buy them? i know where n which lfs to buy them 。。。
Originally Posted by shiro how big n sizze u lookin for ?
pm me m i trying to sell something here ??
"; pm me "; for which lfs got sell green aro
>C328 arowana avenue。 saw some babys there
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    Green aros
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    Which species of red arowana can pass/

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