An amazing piece of artwork- FISHES

After a long break from the forums for close to a year, i have finally returned。
An amazing piece of artwork of fishes i did 3-4 years back in my secondary school days。

Would like to share this unique drawing which was made into a paper cutting,An amazing piece of artwork- FISHES which took a total of more than 10 hours。
Attached are the pictures of the process of creating it。
An amazing piece of artwork- FISHES Aquaculture Forum Thanks for looking !
Respect your hard work and determination to complete the drawing。 Dope pic bro。
>Very nice art work bro
How I wish my hands are skill as yours
>As the title stated ";amazing";,freshwater fish tanks for sale I have to concur on it。 Thumb up to your skill and talent, bro。
>Nice artwork and thanks for sharing
>Thanks everyone for your kind comments, I really appreciate it。

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