Chabalang Comm Tank Update

Update my Chabalang Comm Tank。。。。。。all rays n Snow Gar gg to new place liao。。。。。。。。Tank Size 6。5 x 3 x 3 with 6ft Sump。
24"; GHXB
25"; Tigrinus
16"; Plat RTC
18"; VATF
16"; Dorado

Chabalang Comm Tank Update AROWANA Forum 11"; KKP x 2
14"; NGT
16"; IT x 3
16"; - 21"; PB x 5
Sorry for e Blur Quality Video。
Nice!!!!!! So envy alot of bros got super nice setup and comm。 Your chabalang comm THUMB UP
>Bro I miss ur snow gar n rays ,MALAYSIA GOLdend Arowana anyway chabalang comm swee lah
>Power packed comm! Love the massive GHXB Aro most
>Nice monster comm bro!
>Such big tank looks small with all the giant fishes, bioload not light。 Like your 2 Kkp best, very cute。
>Like your tigers ! What is their diet ?
>Wow your aro pactrol fin very long and curf 。。 one word NICE !
>Very swee monster comm
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