Update of my ugly duckling - Chilli Padi

Update of my ugly duckling - Chilli PadiAfter WC last night, take a video of this hooligan
He can never accommodate other tank mates and now left alone

Boss,property agent batu pahat
V nice body shape, develop well under ur TLC。。。。。。。。。what hv u been feeding him huh? Sumo liao
>Feed many things hahaha Supposed to feed the insects (Crickets/ Grasshopper/ Cockroach) to my birds but also feed him as well。
The main diet still MP/ BF/ SW and sometime goldfishes feeder
>Nice colour and body shape。

Update of my ugly duckling - Chilli Padi Aquaculture Forum>Solid bulk。 Fierce sumo in the making
>Sibei swee��;��;
>Nice body shape。。
>Nice fat spoon head ang ang red u really pump yr fish solid body mass。May I know what type light u use for tanning。 Thanks!
>My car bag on standby
>Bro Ron make me laugh loud
I use normal PL light for side tanning for 2 months, the video was taken yesterday with Red LED and T5 white above。
Electric bill on the rise again。。。tanning also stop hahaha
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