Does BB really work?

Does BB really work?
There are the liquid form and powder form。
Based on my knowledge, there is no live bacteria in any of the BB sold on the shelves。

BB cant survive in bottles of liquid。 They cant be in cellular form and yet dormant。 if there are cells, the liquid shouldnt be transparent。 bacteria surviving in liquid needs nutrients and produces waste。
If enzymes are in liquid form, they would be unstable as well。
If claims are real that bacterial spores are contained in powder form of BB, perhaps its real but it would still be rather unstable once opened due to the exposure to humidity。
So are we really buying bacteria or there is really nothing in there?
i guess, depending on how much faith you have in the bb brand u buy。 haha。 something you cant see and cannot prove its there。 We can only have faith in the words and ads by the company。
To me, it worked。。 it worked out well。 I use biozym。 Powder in a capsule,Does BB really work? so i believe the capsule will be the protection from moisture。
>True,Does BB really work?the biggest tiger fish capsules normally made up of micromolecular enzymes that breed a lot more faster and multiply itself more effectively。?

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    Does BB really work?
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    Sterilized, especially for arowana,

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