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Anyone looking to upgrade their aro, and looking to sell RTG? WTB RTG Arowanaclub Canada Anyone looking to upgrade their aro,flowerhorn and looking to sell RTG? post your location theres a guy on kinijji montreal selling his rtg for $650- $700 Thanks,roopchand fish but to far for me。。。LOL have you found your RTG? yet。

WTB RTflowerhornG Aquaculture ForumWTB RTflowerhornGWTB RTflowerhornG


    WTB RTflowerhornG
    2020-04-22 23:02:40 Contents
    Liuhe pavilion fish friends say arowana so beautiful ah?
    WTB RTflowerhornG
    2019-10-25 02:50:43 Contents
    Goldfish King Xu Licai's Fishing Ground$

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