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Check this thing out? about as perfect of a decoration I have seen for my tank!!! I got wood Arowanaclub Canada Check this thing out? about as perfect of a decoration I have seen for my tank!!! Looking good! Was it already waterlogged or did you do it? Also, did you put blue backing on the tank? Cirrus said! Nice Wood! or whatever it is haha mareshow said! Great piece of wood! I have seen this stuff around before they also make rock outcrops and a variety of wood like products。 I like how they displace very little water, and look very real。 Great pick for your tank! Thanks Brett。 Well before reading Bretts response I cut my wood down to a size where others felt more comfortable with it。 some were scared of my wood and felt it was to big。 Understandable as it looked huge when I woke up this morning。 I cut it down to the knuckle。 It hurt like a bitch to do so but it now looks even better。 I guess size does matter。 lol way out of my comfort zone,do tigers have webbed feet wheres the new pics? skynoch said! mareshow said! skynoch said! Here is my new and improved woody Do you know what I think I like the longer peice。。。。 Just kidding looks much better。 When you picked up that first peice of wood it wouldnt have been because you were overcompinsating for something else would it。 lol Then again you could say that about my large tank also。 Glad to see the rays have not taken out all the discus。 Survival of the fittest maybe? Looks good tim! Cirrus said! The wood looks much better cut down and I love your stand and canopy also I have nothing productive to say here except that i thought your title was funny lol Did you order this online? Thats almost exactly what im looking for but in an 8-9 foot。

I got wood AROWANA ForumI got wood

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