super red arowana ---infrared F5

super red arowana ---infrared F5请指导, 我是外国的龙鱼快乐喜爱者。 SUPER RED AROWANA ---infrared F5 Arowanaclub Canada Great fish。 Great pictures。 great photo shop skills。。。。nice fish though。。。。。lemme see it under natural lighting and no editing before i comment further。。。。。a video would be better。。。 peacockbass said! I see here, the american friends, Raise arowana dont use the electric light bulb light of TFC It helps arowana become more red。 english is not good 。No good talking ,Language to communicate with Beautiful pictures。 I dont know why youre asking for my help, it doesnt look like you need it。 RTG_Gerry said! Thats not SR its a SSR-Sumo Super Red。 Nice shots。 Interesting lighting。 Amazing fish and nice pics! Your Arowana is verry nice。。。 Red color is so intenssive。 Great fish。 Beautiful pictures and arowana,Arowana I would also like to see your show-piece under natural or aquarium lights。 WOW! Beautiful fish and pics!

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    super red arowana ---infrared F5
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    My favorite arowana fish 1 fish friends say learn to learn.

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