Dizzy arowana

My arowana hasnt eaten anything for the last 30 days and he stays still at the bottom of the tank for most of the part。

How do you know that your aro is experiencing dizzy?
Is the aro sick? 30 days no eating??? How big is it?
Check your water parameters。 Very likely it is the root of the problem。
>Hi Rohnit,
My advice is changing water 20 - 30%,Dizzy arowanafish farm malaysia after than add in fews feeder fish to observe Aro movement,
increase water circulation by wave-maker,Dizzy arowana and Air bubbles oxygen。
Hope may help to solve your problem。。 Cheers!

Dizzy arowana AROWANA Forum>Regular or alternate days water change can help boost up the aro appetite
and when was the last time you wash your filter medias?
Maintain your water parameters and the water will take care of your fish?

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