Sing! China (2016 ~ )

Yo yo。。。
New Sing!China 2016 has replaced The Voice Of China due to copyright issue。 Can view the variety show in youtube。 Same judges! Na Ying, Wang Feng, Harlem and Jay Chou。 First contestant hails from Singapore。。。。 Me, IT noob dun know how to download the link here。。。 paiseh paiseh。。。

Yeh!!! i have seen and enjoyed watching the video show。 Kudos to the four judges for being more talkative, creating more jokes which have upz the shows entertainment values。。。 Appreciate it and thks, webmaster neosh for the updates。

Sing! China (2016 ~ ) Aquaculture Forum>The 20 yrs old chio bu who failed her university entrance exam twice, has powerful and good vocals。 I predict she can go far in this singing contest。 Potential good singer in the making。。。
>Potential finalist for EP 4 is the 27 yrs old Yang Mei Na singing the song Diamonds。 She is steady and shows confidence with good stage experiences。。。 IMO,stingray auto corvette Harlems team have most of the better singers thus far, and stands a higher chance to win the competition this year。。。
>Waliew。。。。 WTF is the 57 yrs old from ROC (23rd golden music award winner) with 38 yrs of singing experience as a pro singer, and still active performing globally trying to prove again。 She jolly well knows that age is against her no matter how good she is, thus, stands no chance of winning the competition。 IMO,Sing! China (2016 ~ ) she has wasted one slot which should have given it to a much younger aspirating contestant。。。。
Appreciate it and thks again,Sing! China (2016 ~ ) webmaster neosh, for the updates。。。
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    Sing! China (2016 ~ )
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    Arowana my favorite 1. What kind of fish does the fish friend say to raise? If it's a dragon, yes. ;

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