Juv red aro

Juv red aroHi all bros, having some roblems here。 Cause Im looking to sell my hbrtg or trade my hbrtg for small reds。 So there is this friend here who told me he has some 4+ inch red aros which has no certs as his aros just bred, he asks if i wanna one to one exchange my 14 inch hbrtg with one of his reds he has。 Quite hesitating because im afriad they might not be pure reds。 but fins are red though。 and plus im really noob towards red aros。 Haha。 So would like to ask AFT big brothers to help out and give me some comments!!。Thanks in advance! Here are some pics, sorry for the blur pics but this is what i got from him。

Juv red aro AROWANA Forumu mean your friend self-breed his aros? i dont know about this much,discount fish aquariums but i think your friend should get his breeds tagged。 maybe seniors here can help you and advice。
loveaross, pls read up the a/m link?


    Juv red aro
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    Purple Yan Red Dragon 20cm Picture/

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