Video of ranchu

After watching the video,Red Arowana really make me worry that the madness will keep going and poison getting deeper
Please feel free to share pics or videos, it will good learning points to identity quality beauties。
Yeah yeah。。。really envy you guys to be able to have nice setup tanks for gfs。 My big 6ft tank now occupied by giant oscars and one xback aro。 So my gfs are in my 2ft bare tank。 Sometimes dreaming of setting up a nice tank for gfs but really got space constraints。

Video of ranchu AROWANA Forum>No worry bro, when times come you will know where to house the big tank to fulfil your dream。
>Very true。。。like a pond or something like that。。。hehehe
>This is my dream setup
>wah Mod。。looks like no cure for you already。
>Hehe。。。hope is the dream of a man awake
>wah piang。。。no hope liao lah。。。look so nice。。。!!!Video of ranchuVideo of ranchu

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