Red-hooked Silver Edition Fish Heating rods



Red-hooked Silver Edition Fish Heating rods

Fish tank heating rods put on after a few minutes does not light nor matter how heated?Great God seeking you Weapon

======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Lucky rabbit fish lovers say: Chan
Jun-seok E7jDU fish lovers say: Normal!Heating rod temperature reaches the set temperature of the heating is stopped,
C large blue and white butterfly fish lovers say: normal, thermostat is heating will stop for a while and continue to heat
Spring and autumn and then Ye sad winter, summer should not ask induction heating rods to regulate the water temperature is the temperature, so I do not work.Youre much better than me!I bought a brand new heating rod, today just power on, 26 set, give me a fish tank heated to 30 found.I am the mother of a peacock so it is blown away .

Red-hooked Silver Edition Fish Heating rods Orange Red Arowana



Chocolate Arowana My dragon is growing

Hair color hair dragon

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