Ive been feeding for 2 months and Ill show two small pictures again



Ive been feeding for 2 months and Ill show two small pictures again

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  Thank you

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  dfrlove147 Comment: Very beautiful fish appreciate the future look forward to it!

  Thanks for advice

  Little B will have big development in the future

  If you raise well, you can develop B. If you dont raise well, you can develop a high back.

  It is getting more and more beautiful, and the Longcai polyculture is very good, looking forward to continue to update.

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  hanzhh378 Comment: It will be much brighter

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  so beautiful

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  Thanks for attention

  Longyou Phoenix Dance Comments: Very beautiful, thanks for sharing!You can see the patience and cultivation of the fish owner!

  Thanks for encouragement

  Shuiqingyuliang, praise one!

  Wake up Comment: XH Red dragon fish Posted at 2014-5-7 00:37

  Thanks for attention

  Thank you for sharing, and look forward to continue to update and share in the future, to accompany the master to learn together!

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  As the title

  Thank you

  Arowana, you have a lot of colorful, I also mixed 10, just do not eat

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  Thank you


Simple yet sophisticated - black channel technology combined version

Red Eye, White Seed, Yellow Flower and Yinlong Wire too naughty to be playing the arowana

South American style aquatic landscaping

Half grown up arowana

Need advice on how durable is a rusty Fi




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