Galaxy P14 Stingray Another year when fattening



Galaxy P14 Stingray Another year when fattening

Galaxy P14 Stingray Another year when fattening God of Wealth Parrot - God of Red Wealth
The autumn is coming, and the fish are ready to share. Let me share my personal health care for autumn feeding. in addition to the normal water and sewage discharge, the feed is sprayed with lactic acid bacteria. After the em bacteria is fed, it can obviously strengthen the koi.The digestive capacity of the intestine reduces the intestinal burden.In addition, once a day of vitamin C tablets melted in water and soaked in feed, can significantly improve the anti-stress capacity of Koi carp and enhance Koi carp constitution.
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Splendid Chengyuan said: All are beautiful fish, white pictures are beautiful
Promise_weixin_366 said: This method is good, learn
wuye6268 said: hello, can you share with me, which kind of bacteria is used?Thank you
Lulu sf0F0 The more I look, the more I like it
Good doctrine: Good fish!Good water!nice!
Shenzhen Fengyuan Koi said: the fish is really good, the shape is also good, thank you for sharing
Blue bream said: fat meat
The novice Yuren loves tossing and saying: Is the light strip installed under the water?
Dry Mountain qq said: beautiful, thank you for sharing.
AAA wolf said thousands of miles: Japanese koi is really big enough



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