How to choose a crown stingray



How to choose a crown Stingray

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How to choose a crown Stingray

  I didnt know what the Stingray looked like when I didnt touch the stingray before, and suddenly I would be attracted by the graceful swimming stance like the stingray. Im afraid that no one in the world will ever be able to swim like a stingrayThe key is to still be able to keep it in the fish tank, how happy it is, especially if you can breed by yourself. The feeling of having a baby stingray is more exciting than the female stingray.It is estimated that this is also e79fa5e98193e78988e69d8331333335306331 all the people who raise stingrays have the same mood and thoughts.At present, the black and white crown is already considered to be a relatively high-end fish in the family stingray breeding, and the price ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds. Some good fine black and white crowns can even be sold to more than one hundred thousand, but with the current consumption capacity of everyoneIt is said that many friends can still recognize this price, and there are more and more people raising them, but it is because of this price and market, they also bring profiteers, and use cross-breeding and other means to use half-blooded crown black and white stingrays.To disturb the market, so that novices are often deceived, so that it is still good to buy back as a child, but because of genetic imperfection, the spots on the body become smaller or even smaller after growing up, the white spots are yellow, and the body color is not enough.Black, even lace edges will fade as the stingray grows, which has caused many friends not only to suffer economic losses but also to hurt their hearts. For this reason, I will share my personal experience in selecting black and white crowns, I hope to helpFriends avoid being fooled. 1. The first thing we want to see is the lace edge of the black and white crown. No matter if you are buying a stingray or an adult fish, unless it is a breeding fish because the lace edge is lost during estrus, there must be a lace edge. For black and whiteThe crown is definitely not a black and white crown without a lace edge.But having a lace edge is not necessarily the case, just saying that lace edge is a must-have feature.Then there are 3 points on the lace edge of the crown: first, the stingray can see 1~3 layers of lace when lying down, which is needless to say, everyone knows. Second, the point is the side of the garage, that is, there will be a circle of half white dots at the edge of the body plate, and the other half of the white dots are under the body plate, which is the side of the garage. The third point is the inverted lace, which means that when the black and white crown climbs into the tank, if the abdomen faces you, you will see a small circle of half or more white dots under the body plate, that is to say, the crownThe lace will increase with the growth of the body, the lace underneath will turn up, and some good quality will also spray lace. 2. Looking at the main point of the crown, the main points of the black and white crown are the largest in the middle, and the edge is slightly smaller than the middle. It can be said that it is relatively regular and will be arranged from the middle to the edge according to the large, medium and small.If you can know what the breeding fish look like, you can directly choose the big white spots. If you dont see the breeding fish, you should choose the little ones that are plump, so as to avoid sparse spots after the grow up. 3. The eyes of the crown black and white stingray are also called glares. The color of its eyeballs is black and gray with white dots. The more white dots, the better. However, it is normal to have 3 dots in front of the eyes.In black gold, there are two points, and those with high quality will be sprayed with small points, just like lace. 4. Looking at the tail of the black and white crown, the tail of the black and white crown is slightly shorter than other varieties. The tail is shaped like a paddle, and there are three to four rows of small thorns at the tail, which are arranged vertically. 5. Touching the skin will be very smooth, of course, there will be rough in different parts of the watershed, but it will not affect the quality. The white spots on the body are shiny or porcelain white, and it will be very painful to be pierced by the tail thorn. 6. Look at the flower belly, but it is not accurate. Some excellent black-and-white crown flower belly is not obvious, and it is not visible when I was a child. I have to wait until it is 25~30 cm in size. 7、


另说一下黑金与半套的区别:小时候的黑金 和半套 外观上很难区分 你仔细看下 黑白半套 尾巴是多排刺的,船将尾 比较短 黑金是灰盘,点是黄的,

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关刀尾 而且长 ,两个小时候体胖都是灰色的 黑金呈现灰黑色,


你这个照片不知道有没有灯光的作用,建议楼主观察下 要是黑金 就3000-4000左右 Half sets are relatively expensive.

  Title 2 Is it necessary for Crown Stingray to change water twice a week?

  Stingrays have relatively high water quality requirements, but it does not mean that they must change the water twice. For large tropical freshwater fish like arowana and stingray, the frequency of changing water is usually three to four times a week, one-third or one-fourth each time. Many aquarists are not based on this frequency., But the fish are still well raised.The water exchange is to remove the magazine for the fish life. The new water is exchanged, so that in addition to filtering, the water also has a circulation of new water. You can change the frequency first, and slowly adjust it according to the appropriate conditions of your own fish.Water is very important for stingrays. In addition to changing the water, you should pay more attention to changes in water temperature and PH during normal breeding. Do not change drastically. Do not change the volume too much at once.Must come regularly.Others you can go to the fish circle of Longding fish neighbor to ask the fish friends.

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  Gene is unstable

  Hybrid?Still on white?

  Title 5 The newly bought black and white crown stingray has been out for a week

  You have to let him speak, or he will slowly go through the mouth

  Is the water quality bad?

  It is recommended that you do not eat it. The reason is very simple. If zd is a tropical fish in nature, there is no problem in eating. However, it is not recommended to eat it. Most of the ornamental fish cultured are hatched in a non-natural environment and are artificially reproduced.In many manual processing steps, juveniles grow into adult fish, including feed containing hormones, coloring, etc. Most of the fishs own genes have been changed, and many new variants have been born. Are you still dare to eat them?Ha ha.

  Title 6 What are the water requirements for raising crown rainbow fish?

  Everyone knows that humans need oxygen after water.Who plays the role of media under the action of human life, water accounts for 60% of body weight 70 as long as 15% of water loss, there is also a danger to human life.


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