Linfens real move to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation (Figure)



Linfens real move to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation (Figure)

Reassure in thought, relax in policy, relax in work, let go of this newspaper (Reporter Li Hongwei, correspondent Bian Zhiqiang) to develop and strengthen the private economy, so that workers can have a head and more opportunities for life.The "Measures to further support the healthy development of the private economy" issued by the Linfen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government recently supported small and medium-sized enterprises in real money and promoted the development of the private economy. The mass entrepreneurship and innovation craze are emerging in the land.There are a total of small, medium and micro enterprises in Linfen City 11.430,000 households, accounting for 99.7%, employees 65.430,000 people; last year, the whole private economy achieved operating income of 1924.8.9 billion yuan, taxes paid 71.6.5 billion yuan, a profit of 98.RMB 0.8 billion; 6 companies including Aokun Bio, Yitong Natural Gas, Sanshui Energy, Coslight Lighting, Guxian Shunjie, Hongdong Zhongyi Agriculture have listed on the “New Third Board” and “New Fourth Board”, 101 companiesListed financing in the provincial equity trading center.After the Provincial Private Economic Development Promotion Conference was held, the Linfen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government seized the opportunity and vigorously demanded that the citys cadres and people be confident in their thoughts, relax their policies, and let go of their work.The economy takes a good road to innovation, transformation, and openness.Linfen will increase financial support as a starting point to support the development of small, medium and micro enterprises, and increase the support of special financial funds.Starting this year, a certain number of small and micro enterprise development special funds will be arranged every year to set up small and micro enterprise development funds; guide various types of funds such as venture capital funds, angel funds, seed funds, etc. in accordance with market competition principles and industrial development priorities, to invest in the initial stage and seedsPrivate enterprises in the period and incubation period.The original 30 million yuan “Private Enterprise Capital Chain Emergency Turnover Guarantee Fund” was increased to 50 million yuan after the introduction of “Article 22”, which was specifically used for the temporary turnover of private enterprises to ease financing difficulties. At present, 12 small and medium-sized enterprises have been funded1.700 million yuan to guide various financing guarantee companies to adopt measures such as lowering guarantee rates, exempting guarantee deposits, and increasing entrusted loans to provide financing guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises.Innovate financing models, improve the cooperation mechanism between government and banks, and launch tailor-made financial products with low thresholds and small guarantee ratios such as "assistance loans", "merchant loans", and "insurance loans". There are already 14 counties (urban areas)Small and medium-sized enterprises benefited, and 8 counties (urban areas) such as Houma City and Yicheng County cooperated with CCB and Rural Commercial Bank to carry out “helping guarantee loans” and “benefiting business loans”, and implemented loans 1.8.2 billion yuan.Yaodu Rural Commercial Banks loan interest rate for small, medium and micro enterprises is 10% lower than similar products. The loan period is based on a one-year period. There is no need to repay the loan "over the bridge", and it can be seamlessly connected.The entry threshold is greatly reduced.The Linfen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government called on the cadres and the masses of the city to further emancipate their minds, boldly try, venture, and boldly create opportunities in challenges and turn dreams into reality.The municipal party committee sent cadres and business departments dedicated to serving small, medium, and micro enterprises to provide precise services on the front lines.The municipal party committee stressed that it is necessary to solve environmental problems and cultivate fertile ground for private economic growth.Strengthen administrative accountability, and hold cadres accountable for the development of private economy, inadequate implementation of policies, and lazy administration.Photo of the question: In Linfen Jinyuecheng "University Student Entrepreneurship Park", post-80s college student Li Kai is assembling high-end drones.


Linfens real move to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation (Figure) Arowana Stingray Tiger Fish


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