Red White side view ranchu

Please to share my 5-5。5"; red white side view ranchu。

This fish is handpick from Thai farm。

Red White side view ranchu AROWANA Forum Enjoy and stay tune for more nice ranchus。
Wow,buy motoro stingrayreal cute Now getting tempted Thanks for sharing。
>pupu goli。。。。
>self brought back from thailand?
>Nice piece。。。
>This thread is closed as the intention is to promote commercial sales and marketing。
I have deleted two commercial promotion posts in this thread and another new commercial marketing thread created by the thread starter (rickct)。
Commercial company can consider joining us as AFT partner by contacting admin at,Red White side view ranchu Email![email ;protected]
Please refrain from any business talk,Red White side view ranchu soliciting sales or commercial sales/marketing promotion in fish discussion forums!

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