Mixed fish Announcement of Recruitment of 154 Persons in Institutions under the Dongying City Health



Mixed fish Announcement of Recruitment of 154 Persons in Institutions under the Dongying City Health Commission of Shandong 2020




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Mixed fish 《事业单位公开招聘人员暂行规定》(人事部令第 6号)、


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《"Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System" (Lu Banfa[2018]No. 18) and other documents stipulate that, after studying the Dongying City Health Committee, the public institutions of the Dongying City Health Committee will recruit staff in 2020.The announcement is as follows:

  (5) The age of the person applying for the junior professional technical position should be under 40 years old (born after March 23, 1979); the age of the person applying for the intermediate professional technical position should be under 45 years old (born after March 23, 1974).

  Persons who have been subjected to criminal punishment and who have been expelled from public office, are classified as objects of joint disciplinary punishment according to law, are enrolled in full-time ordinary colleges and universities, non-fresh graduates, active military personnel, and work in institutions and institutions that have not completed the service period (including probation period)Personnel, as well as those in other situations that are not allowed to be hired by laws, regulations and policies, shall not be recruited.

  Candidates are not allowed to apply for positions that should be avoided in the "Personnel Management Avoidance Regulations of Institutions" (Human and Social Ministry Regulation[2019]No. 1).

  New graduates in 2020 must obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate required for recruitment positions before July 31, 2020, and other candidates must obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate required for recruitment positions by March 23, 2020.material.In addition to providing materials related to academic degrees, applicants who have obtained overseas (overseas) academic qualifications must also provide materials such as the overseas (overseas) academic degree certification issued by the Study Abroad Service Center of the Ministry of Education.

  If the recruitment position has clear requirements for work experience, the applicant must provide the corresponding work experience certificate during the interview qualification review.Full-time general colleges and universities graduates have experience in social practice, internship, and part-time work before graduation.The number of work experience years is accumulated by the full year and the full month, and the deadline is March 23, 2020.

  Taiwanese students who have obtained full-time regular college education from the mainland of the motherland and other Taiwan residents who have obtained qualifications from the mainland of the motherland may apply for qualified positions.

  Full-time graduates of senior technical schools or technician colleges who have obtained the professional qualifications of senior engineers and preparatory technicians can apply for qualified positions according to full-time vocational (junior college) and undergraduate graduates.

  In-service personnel (including those who have signed an employment agreement) must be approved by the department with the authority of the employer, and provide a letter of recommendation for the application issued by the department with the authority of the user.The main contents of the letter of acceptance for the application include: the applicants name, gender, ID number, start and end time of working in the unit (personnel agency, entrusted training), job position (professional), whether to agree to participate in the public institution affiliated to the Dongying City Health CommissionOpen recruitment, etc., and affix the corresponding official seal at the time of payment.

  The specific requirements for the public recruitment of staff members of the public institutions affiliated to the Dongying City Health and Health Commission are shown in the "List of 2020 Public Recruitment of Staff Positions of Public Institutions affiliated to the Dongying City Health Commission" (Annex 1).

  When applying for registration, applicants are recommended to fill in relevant personal information truthfully through the website.The photo of the uploaded ID is a clear recent photo, and it will be uploaded to the registration system after being processed as required by the designated website or the WeChat mini-program of the “Flag Cloud Exam”.Each person is limited to one position. If the applicant logs in and submits the application information multiple times before the initial qualification examination, the next time will automatically replace the previous information.After the initial review of the recruitment unit, the registration information cannot be changed.After the registration deadline at 16:00 on March 26, 2020, if the unit has not yet passed the preliminary review or failed the preliminary review, it cannot be changed to other positions, and the registration information cannot be modified or supplemented. The applicants should complete the registration process in accordance with the prescribed process and time limit as soon as possible.Operation of all links.Applicants must use the resident ID card or "Hong Kong and Macao residents to travel to the Mainland Pass" or "Taiwan residents to travel to the Mainland Pass" (hereinafter referred to as "my valid ID") for registration.

  The information filled by the applicant must be consistent with my actual situation and meet the requirements of the recruitment position.The current work unit information is important registration information, please refer to the online application instructions.If the important registration information is not filled in correctly, it shall be treated as falsification; if the information is not completely filled in, errors, etc. lead to failure to pass the qualification review, the applicant shall bear the responsibility.The performance of the registered personnel during the application period will be one of the important contents of the open recruitment investigation.

  The recruitment unit appoints a special person to be responsible for the preliminary qualification examination (no breaks on holidays), timely check the online registration of the unit, carefully conduct the qualification examination, and confirm the preliminary examination results.

  Those who have passed the preliminary qualification examination should log in to the website of Dongying City Health Commission (or apply the “Flag Cloud Exam” WeChat mini-program for online payment within the specified time. Those who fail to make online payment within the time limit shall be deemed to give up.

  Successful payers can log in to the registration website 3 days before the written test to print the written test admission ticket, as well as the "Registration Registration Form for Publicly Recruited Staff in Public Institutions under the Dongying City Health and Health Commission in 2020" and the "Integrity Commitment for Applicable Staff in the Institution"(Used during the on-site qualification review before the interview).

  According to the standards approved by the Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Shandong Provincial Department of Finance on the issue of redefining the standard of the examination fee for the recruitment examination of personnel in institutions and institutions (Lu Fa Gai Cost (2018) No. 1427), the examination feeThe charging standard is RMB 40 per person per subject.

  The rural poor college students, urban minimum living security personnel and disabled persons who intend to enjoy the reduction and exemption of the examination fee will not pay online. After the initial review of the recruitment unit, the corresponding materials will be taken before 16:00 on March 28, 2020Send to the mailbox in the form of an email attachment: The subject of the email should be unified as: "Written test fee reduction + candidate name + ID number", and call to confirm.The supporting documents required are provided in the "Instructions for Public Recruitment of Staff by Public Institutions under the Dongying City Health Commission in 2020" (Annex 2).

  After the registration, if the ratio of the number of candidates to the number of recruits is less than 3:1, in principle, cancel or reduce the recruitment plan.For high-level talents with masters degree or above, with the approval of the municipal public recruitment authority, the proportion of opening examinations can be reduced appropriately.The cancellation and reduction plan will be announced on the website of the Dongying City Health and Health Commission. Candidates who cancel the recruitment plan should handle the renewal according to the requirements of the announcement.Other posts).Those who do not report within the prescribed time shall be deemed to have voluntarily given up their qualifications.

  The qualification review of the candidates is carried out throughout the recruitment process, and the preliminary qualification results determine the final basis for meeting the qualifications for the application.Anyone who finds in the follow-up work that the person who passed the preliminary examination does not meet the qualifications for application or falsification, etc., once verified, immediately cancels the examination and qualification for employment.

  The Dongying Municipal Health Commission is responsible for conducting on-site qualification examinations for persons entering the interview scope.Applicants entering the interview range should submit their relevant certification materials to the Dongying City Health and Health Committee within the prescribed time in accordance with the requirements of the qualification review notice.The required supporting materials are shown in Annex 2.

  The written test is divided into comprehensive positions and health positions according to different positions. Each position takes one subject.The written test shall be conducted in the form of unified examination papers, unified examinations and unified examination papers.The comprehensive examination content is public basic knowledge, including basic knowledge such as laws and regulations, political and economic theories, current political policies, scientific and technological knowledge, market conditions and market conditions.30% and 70% of the total test questions, the professional basic knowledge part is divided into five categories, pharmacy, testing, traditional Chinese medicine, and nursing.In order to ensure the basic qualities of new recruits, the minimum passing score is set for the written test, which is determined by the Dongying Municipal Health Commission based on the job recruitment plan and the written test.The results of the written test are published on the registration website.

  Written examination time: 9:0011:00 am on April 18th, 2020 (If it needs to be postponed due to epidemic prevention and control, it will be announced in advance on the website of Dongying City Health and Health Commission.

  The candidates for interview are selected from the applicants who have reached the passing score of the written test, according to the ratio of 3 times of the recruitment plan (unless otherwise required by the position), from high to low, and announced to the society according to the prescribed procedures.Interview candidates who fail to submit relevant materials to the recruiting unit as required shall be deemed to have given up.If it does not meet the qualifications for the application after examination, it will be disqualified for interview.Vacancies due to abandonment or disqualification will be supplemented in equal order according to the written test results.If there are all vacant positions in the qualified number of written examinations, the recruitment plan will be cancelled; if the required ratio is not reached, the number of qualified candidates will be determined to enter the interview.

  The interview work is organized and implemented by the Dongying City Health Commission in accordance with the interview plan filed. According to the characteristics of the industry and the position, a variety of methods such as structured interviews, defenses, professional skills assessment, scenario simulations and practical operations are conducted, mainly to examine the comprehensiveness of the candidates.Quality and professional work skills.

  After the interview, the written test score and interview score each account for 50% of the total score of the test. The written test score, interview score and total test score are calculated to two decimal places, and the mantissa is rounded.

  The list of interviewers shall be determined from the total score of the examination from high score to low score among the interviewers (if the total score of the candidates in the same recruitment position is juxtaposed, the score of the written examination shall be determined from high score to low score).The interview score of the medical examinee participating in the inspection shall not be less than 70 points.The vacancies caused by the applicants giving up the qualifications for inspection or unqualified inspections shall be filled in equal order from those who enter the same job interview range.

  The medical examination should be conducted comprehensively at or above the county level. For the examination standards and items, please refer to the "Notice on Amending the "General Standards for Civil Service Recruitment Medical Examination (Trial)" and "Civil Service Recruitment Medical Examination Operation Manual (Trial)" (issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security[2016]No. 140), and the state shall follow the regulations otherwise.Applicants who fail to participate in the medical examination at the prescribed time and place shall be deemed to have given up.If the re-examination is required according to the regulations, the original physical examination will not be carried out. The re-examination can only be carried out once. The result is subject to the re-examination conclusion.Applicants who make frauds or conceal diseases or medical history that affect the employment during the medical examination shall be given the treatment of not hiring.If someone asks someone to replace the medical examination and exchange or replace the test samples and other serious violations of discipline and regulations, he will be given the treatment of not hiring, and the violations of discipline and regulations will be recorded in the integrity archive of the publicly recruited applicants of the institution, and the record period is five years.The medical examination expenses shall be borne by the applicant personally.

  Each recruitment unit set up an inspection work group to be specifically responsible for the inspection work.The inspection can be carried out in a variety of ways according to the requirements of the job conditions, mainly inspecting the ideological and political performance, moral quality, business capabilities, work performance and other aspects, and whether the recruited personnel meet the qualification requirements for the job and whether the relevant information materials provided are true and accurate, etc.Conduct a full review.Conscientiously implement the "Opinions on Further Strict Management of Cadre Files" of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee (Lu Zufa[2017]No. 2), and strictly review the personnel files of the surveyed subjects, focusing on the "three ages, two calendars, one identity" and other content.Seriously investigate and deal with the problems in the archives.The inspection working group should seek truth from facts, comprehensively, objectively and fairly evaluate the inspected object, and write a written inspection opinion.In the event that 90 days have passed since the suspension of the conclusion of the inspection, and the effective inspection cannot be carried out, the employment procedure shall generally be terminated.If necessary, it may be extended for 30 days with the approval of the municipal public institutions public recruitment authority.If the applicant provides false materials, conceals the truth or other behaviors that hinder the inspection work during the inspection process, and interferes with or affects the objective and fair conclusion of the inspection unit, the applicant shall be given a treatment for not hiring; if the circumstances are serious and the impact is bad, theHis violations of discipline and regulations are recorded in the integrity archives of public recruitment of public institutions, and the record period is five years.

  The personnel who are qualified for examination, physical examination and inspection shall be publicized on the registration website by the Dongying Municipal Health Commission, and the publicity period is 7 working days.The list of persons to be hired will not be supplemented after the announcement. Among them: the Party Central Committee and the State Council have clear documents stipulating that the relevant industries and institutions need to add staff, with the consent of the municipal institutions public recruitment authority, after the announcement, they can enter the same post for inspection.Among the staff, according to the total score of the test from high score to low score equal to the organization to make up.When the publicity period expires, if there is no problem or the problem does not affect the employment, the recruitment unit shall propose the employment opinion and report it to the municipal public institution for public recruitment to handle the filing procedures.Those who reflect the problems affecting the hiring and verifying will not be hired.If the employment conditions are met, the "Notice of Recruitment of Institutions" shall be issued, and the relevant procedures shall be completed with the "Notification of Recruitment of Institutions".

  The hiring unit and the employed personnel shall sign an employment contract according to the regulations and establish personnel relations.The employed personnel shall implement the probationary period system according to the regulations, and the formal appointments that pass the evaluation after the expiry date will be cancelled if the qualifications are not qualified.All newly hired personnel have a minimum service period of five years (including the probation period). If they have not reached the minimum service period, they may not apply for civil servants and apply for other enterprises and institutions or go through deployment procedures.

Mixed fish Announcement of Recruitment of 154 Persons in Institutions under the Dongying City Health Blue-backed Arowana

  1. The recruitment of people in Dongying City and the second people in Dongying City is included in the total amount of management, according to the "Notice on Deepening the Reform of Public Personnel System Reform" of the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission (Dongren Shefa[2016]No. 4) and other documents provide for management.

  2. Institutions affiliated to the Dongying Municipal Health Commission do not specify a counseling book for public recruitment exams, and do not hold or entrust any institution to hold exam counseling classes.

  3. Information on recruitment matters will be announced through the website of Dongying Municipal Health Commission.Applicants should pay attention to the announcement information published on the website in the period of registration, written test, qualification review, interview, medical examination, inspection, public announcement, etc.If I fail to check the relevant recruitment announcement information in time and affect the appointment of the exam, I am responsible for it.

  For the qualification requirements and preliminary qualifications of the candidates, please directly consult each recruitment unit, and consult the list of open recruitment positions plan of the public institutions affiliated to the Dongying City Health and Health Commission in the wire year (Annex 1).


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