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Cichlid Community (Newbie Queries)Hey guys, very new to cichlid scene。 I keep other fishes like arowanas motoros pacus and such but recently a friend of mine passed me one his cichlid。 His pretty big and was in a really small tank I put him in a spare 2 feet of mine and he seems much happier, felt abit sad seeing him stuck in such a small tank。 Friend of mine kept him for about a year。
This guy has been kept alone all the time, cant seem to put any other fishes inside with him。 Now Im planning on upgrading him to my 4 feet tank and Im wishing so hard to put in another cichlid with him。 Or any other fishes for that matter, I wouldnt mind having a full cichlid tank。

My dream is of course a dovii or jaguar but those are extremely aggressive fishes。 My question is,
- What breed is this?
- What are the options of cichlids I can consider putting in with him, god forbid this question but are dovii or jaguar acceptable with him? (Note he is also extremely aggressive his killed many other fishes LOL)
- Any other tips to help me improve his life, currently his very active and happy always comes to me and eats like a lil piggy he LOVES pellets。
Cichlid Community (Newbie Queries) AROWANA Forum>Originally Posted by kamale Hi Boss thank you, yes can can change for me thank you hehe。 Welcome。 That is RD flowerhorn (Red Dragon), very common strain。
4ft big tank better for comm, can also add some stone and pvc pipe or plant as hidding spots。 You can check other thread how other guys setup。 Cheers。
>Ah thanks, the hiding spots will be for new fishes I introduce? He very aggressive to other fish, any idea how to solve this? Im tempted to put in my Pacu with him。
>Bro, posting one of my cichlid comm tank。 Inside got sponge filter, stone with plant, big pvc pipe and a dw as hidding spot/to reduce aggressive of comm。 Only a 3ft tank。 Besides these factors sometimes the comm also depends on the fish character and number of them。 You can try and test it but need to have spare tank in case you need to remove them if comm fail or fight is serious especially on flowerhorn comm。 I ever comm 9pcs in a 5ft tank。 Have fun。
>Thanks boss for the good example。 So far Ive added in my Pacu and TFB together with him, he curious but all is cool。 Once in a while he will go close to them but their quite fast so he will ignore them。 Will add more stuff soon。
>Yes only when you are adding another cichlid could be a concern。
>This one would be a trimaculatus plus 。。。。。。hehe。 100% flowerhorn。

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