Bottom filter transformation



Bottom filter transformation

The first photo is the drip box equipped with the Xilong fish tank. It is designed to be placed in the physical filter cabin and does not play the role of drip.So use the isolation board as the drip board, raise the drip position, put three layers of cotton, a layer of filter, and a layer of magic carpet.At the water outlet of the sedimentation tank, add two layers of silk stockings and a magic bag for the first filtration.Six layers of 2 cm biochemical cotton were placed at the outlet of the sedimentation tank.Then in turn are various filter media.I hope you can see the fish friends to help me think about, what other good improvement methods, including circuit design, thank you!
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Play childhood, rice Comments: My thoughts are the same as yours, and the drip place is as high as you, the effect is good enough to explode
Nono Aqua Club Comments: Unreasonable layout

Bottom filter transformation SlicefishCalm F8y44 review


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