Air cylinder

I posted a picture post, everyone take a look~Air cylinder Leopoldi Variant stingray

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Yuyou 13609438234 Say: Pretty!Thank you for sharing!
Yuyou Mengzuo Say: Yes, the fish is pretty
Yuyou 89660789 Say: well
Yuyou Chuangwang Say: Luan rewarded the help top
Yuyou Whirlwind Knight Say: Is quite clear
Yuyou Muli Say: Feed a few percent of the fish every day!
Yuyou Nanhai Wet Shirt Wolf Say: Clean water tank
Yuyou plh0827 Say: Beautiful, the water is really good
Yuyou Photography: Love Story Say: It seems that it hasnt been fed yet, and its not as clear as it is. I feed it 3 to 4 times a day, eating it every 5 minutes. After 6 pm, try not to feed Yingzheng ?Try not to feed after order


Black Calvus pale out

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Aquarium Scratched head

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