Red aro tanning....

Bro can anyone share your exp on tanning Red aro?
Even they are threads that show some bro explain on
tanning。。。 But maybe more expert or sifu here can advise
more on tanning a RED ARO。。。。
For example!
Tanning light brand? ( Arcadia, Nan light, Miracle lamp etc。。。)
Tanning light tube brand? ( Arcadia (D3), 3 GLO etc。。。。)
Position of tanning light to be place? ( Top, bottom, right etc。。。。)

Red aro tanning.... AROWANA Forum Tanning hours? ( 2,6,8,12。。。24?)
Tanning till when? ( From size ?-? )
Look out during tanning? ( Water? Fish? Diet etc。。。)
Finally,Indonesia SUPER RED AROWANA will the red really turn different? ( Red, orange, yellow etc。。。。)
Dont mind share some?
My red 14"; already。。。 Planning to tan him。。。
Btw just got another red from a bro, 13"; thats
Why asking for advise。。。 Btw my tank have 2x Mitra
2x cross back and 1x RTG on the way coming。。。。
Will it affect other aro????
>For my experience i start tanning my red ard 14-15";,using high output tanning light forgot the brand, 10-12 hour per day, d aro red anot the genes also take apart。。。。。Red aro tanning。。。。

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