24k Golden Arowana Obsessive-compulsive disorder cant get another two sets of AC filters



24k Golden Arowana Obsessive-compulsive disorder cant get another two sets of AC filters

At this time, the bottom filter is finally filled. The dark color is the Yihan ball, the light color is the AC ball, the AC filter is in the mesh bag, and the NO1 is below. According to the merchants, NO1 is now domestically produced, TaiwanThere is no more, there are too many fakes, so be careful.
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Heart broken 004 Comments: Tyrant
Cody Jin Comments: can be
Xiaoyu 66666 Comment:, fish farm direct sales
yangyangge Comment: Still not completely filled
cxing Comment: In the color butterfly tank, there is a pad under the filter material itself, but I added another Tengmian so that the filter material is easy to put in. The bacteria house has actually been left unused before, but personally feel the effect of cultivationNo, no quartz ball came, so I changed it.
Yoko NJ Comment: Why didnt you see the pad under the filter material?Affect the water flow.in addition, ask how long the bacteria house has been replaced. The yellow bacteria house in my tank has been used for more than 8 months and I have been considering whether to change it now.
Happy every day Comments: How much does it cost?
L-H-R Comment: My best bacteria library 3S and hairballs under the wet and dry separation box, easy to clean at that time


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Far Infrared Bacteria House Media ( 2 ty




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