How to raise the king chili red dragon



How to raise the king chili red dragon

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  The Emperor Chili Red Dragon grows in Lake Sintaram, Kalimantan, Indonesia. This species of fish is scarce and covered with crimson scales. The crimson gill cover and larger fins make it a more expensive red dragon fish.In the pictures of red dragon fish, there are also many excellent pepper red dragon fish. Through the very beautiful picture of pepper red dragon fish, you can feel the domineering of pepper red dragon fish.The chili red dragon fish has a wider body, larger eyes, a diamond-shaped caudal fin, a pointed and protruding head, and the red fins are most prominent in the red of its pectoral fins, which is easy to recognizeof.

  The beauty of an arowana is irresistible. A healthy arowana has a perfect figure, bright colors, thick gold, active and active. It is the most beautiful scenery in the family. When the arowana is sick, the arowana status declines and affects the viewing.And, more importantly, the health of arowana is threatened, and life will be affected when it is serious. Therefore, in feeding arowana, it must be fed correctly. Fresh small fish and shrimp are the best choice.Raising Red Arowana is a matter of great patience, because pepper Red Arowana has the fastest color development to a year and a half. If it is slow, it will take four years or more.The Emperor Chili Red Arowana has a slow color development, and its size is what players are after.Some experienced players will tell the novices that when raising the blood of the red dragon is pure enough, it should put its body shape first, because the red dragon will naturally perform better when the color is developed, but the body shape should be raised from an early age.Grabbed.

How to raise the king chili red dragon Spade A Fish

  1.Emperor chili red dragon fish is much redder than blood red dragon, and its hair color is slower than blood red dragon. Generally, the color of blood red dragon can appear in a year.2.Emperor chili red dragon juveniles also grow faster than blood red dragon juveniles.3.The king chili red dragon fish has diamond-shaped tail fins and the blood red dragon is round.4.The head of the emperor chili red dragon fish is more prominent than the blood red dragon.


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