Ibaka fish The joy of feeding fish



Ibaka fish The joy of feeding fish

Recently, I feed the dragon fish with shrimps. I always have to fight with the dragon and fight with the parrot fish. Not long ago, the shrimp was cut into pieces, held in chopsticks, and sent directly to the front of the mouth of the dragon fish. Most of them could be eaten by the dragon fish.Occasionally the arowana bite the chopsticks and the shrimp fell out of the mouth.Then the parrot fish swarmed up, and the arowana lost a piece of food. Today, I discovered a new method. I walked first, led the parrot fish to the side, and then turned the direction to prepare to feed on the other side of the fish tank.At this time, the advantages of arowana came out. From afar, I saw shrimps, and flicked the parrot fish away easily.As soon as I saw the time, I threw the shrimp into the water.Arowana sprinted and successfully ate food.

  ======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====

  The guy is not handsome

  Jing Jingcao said: Beautiful

  13780493488 said: good

  Erdong Sanshi said: I only have one kind of food, but I dont dare to feed too many kinds.

  The blue sky curtain convex brother said: Yes

  Tianjin Erzi said in 1978: The parrot was in a hurry.

  Longteng Jiutian laughed and said: My dragon is very fierce, directly bite, cant eat parrot

  Fang said: Its so hard to eat baobao

  The ancient city Muzi Li said: a cylinder of red

  Cultural hooligan Leopard ~ Jiulong Shuangfeng said: ok?agreed


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    Do dragon fish eat river prawns or sea prawns)