Why are the two little guys in harmony always have zebra patterns?



Why are the two little guys in harmony always have zebra patterns?

Its been a few days since I got out of the tank. Why is there another zebra pattern?
Does the lighting for ten hours a day affect the fish?
========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Haoyu luggage reviews: Yu Xiao is nothing to wait for big, you have to separate
fdb comment: It is not suitable for the environment, it is best to keep them apart and remove other fish
498850454 Comment: Ronaldinho will kill swallow?
18922426738 Comment: Little Thai Gold!Turn off the light.Wait for it to adapt slowly.
Aunt Xue Comments: Its so small, big fish scared it!
sunlei910 Comment: Caused by lights and large fish.
King Golden Horn Comment: Dont keep the lights on when you just go home, its still scared
doublebbs Comment: Its almost a week for the fish to be less timid
Luohan Baby Comments: Turn on the lights for 4 hours a day
Fish is relatively timid
Bigger will be better
Moreover, it takes time to get used to it soon
Very nice Comment: Only a few days i!Get used to it not so soon!


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