Novice is ready to raise Thunder Dragon to ask a few questions



Novice is ready to raise Thunder Dragon to ask a few questions

1.Can Thunder Dragon live in winter without heating?The minimum indoor temperature in winter here is about five degrees.
2.Is it ok to feed dried shrimp or pellet feed?
3.Is it better to raise the bare tank or use the iron gall sand?
4.As shown in the picture, I am going to raise the tank of Thunder Dragon. The weather is going to be cold soon. I have to move the map to a tropical fish tank to save power.This cylinder has a total length of 90cm and a side filter chamber of 20cm.That is, the actual fish activity range is 70cm.Ready to raise a single, is there a recommended variety?

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baoshiyu1988 says:
in addition to moon snakehead, black snakehead, others must be heated, you can feed dried shrimp and feed, use iron gall sand to help color, scary fish in a naked tank, sapphire, magic red, ghost king are pretty good, adults are about 30
Ni Ergong said:
You can raise gold cobra or magic red, one pair can be used in winter.
yulingling says:
Its easy to skip
Fan Keyou said:
Black snake
Zhong Ziqi said:
Recommend you to keep it like this
ogkoti says:
What is the width of your tank?
Chameleon said:
Is the orchid orchid
A-Horse says:
Rainbow Thunder Dragon is home
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Yulan Pavilion Red Element

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