Places to go in TaiPei Taiwan (also suit

Places to go in TaiPei Taiwan (also suitable for kids too)Places to go in TaiPei Taiwan (also suitable for kids too)Dear all;
I am jus 3 days away from a 5 day TaiPei trip with family。
Will be travelling with my 5yr old daughter and wonder what r the places of interest/ shopping

Places to go in TaiPei Taiwan (also suit Aquaculture Forum is considered a good TAIWAN experience?

Is my 1st trip to Taipei for holidays apart from NS 2 Day controlled RR。
please share places of interest and if not too troublesome - how to go there as well。
thank u very much
Bro maybe u can go their fish marketbtw any places for adult where KIDS is not allowed?
>i love taiwan! can go zoo, mao kong, 101, jiu fen, shi fen。
>I remember going to their hot springs up the mountains。 They have different ";shops"; - some ex some cheap。 locals love to go。
>I love wulai。。。waterfall there is nice。。。
Not very convenient locale thou。。。
If are into those artsy or antique stuffs。。。
can go to their musuem。。。
but will hv to spend close to a whole day there。。。
quite big。。。
also luv dan shui。。。
whole stretch of shops along the way。。。
Good if u wanna get souvenirs etc etc。。。
>At night go night market!
>Tk their MRT。。。 very convenient and can reach most places albeit some walking
Night market always a must。。。
Zoo is good bringing children - MRT can reach and very cheap entrance fee
Beitou - if u want to enjoy hot springs
>Not sure if theres any local package tours but Flying Cow Farm () farm-stay is great for family。 Its quite some distance from Taipei but prob can get there and back to Taipei within 2d1n
>My local Taiwanese frens brought me to Keelung, a fishing port north of Taipei。 The night market is specialised in street hawkers,where can i buy aquarium fish worth going, and not so commercialised compared to Shilin
>Thanks all for your time and valuable inputs
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