Is it possible to design a sewer pipe?



Is it possible to design a sewer pipe?

Is it possible to design a sewer pipe? ALBINO PEARL STINGR
Want to make it simple, does the sewer pipe do this?========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Struggle 001039 Yuyou said: There is a thick pipe on the outside of the sewer, and the two ends of the thick pipe are zigzag, which becomes an overflow.
iKKL4mzh Yuyou said: It is possible to simply require water circulation, but the water circulation in the tank is not good, especially the lower water, including fish, cannot be removed.
A Ayong, Yuyou said: "Lets draw another look at the water flow."
The fish poison is not scattered, the fish friends said: OK, the sewer can also be considered to use triple overflow
_Chief of the chicken farm Yuyu said: how to deal with the excrement like this
Take rice as a thief Yuyou said: If it is only from the perspective of circulation, yes, the seafood pond does this.However, household fish tanks will not work, and it will be difficult for fish to filter through.
A Ayong, Yuyou said: The water flows from above, and the water below is dead.


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