Tutorial on DIY fish tank



Tutorial on DIY fish tank

First: the type and thickness of the glass purchased
For cylinder bottom 1.5 cm tempered glass, around 1.2 cm tempered glass.
Second: the reinforcement measures taken:
(1) The bottom of the cylinder adopts a double bottom to replace the bottom tie bar, which is firm and beautiful, and can prevent the arowana from scratching the bottom tie bar.The outsole is 1.5 cm tempered glass, the inner bottom is 1 cm of ordinary glass, the inner bottom is shorter and longer than the outer bottom by 1.2 cm to allow for the thickness of the four facade glass.
(2) The upper cylinder is 15 cm down and reinforced with double-layer tie bars, and it can be cut with thick glass.The vertical tie bars are below and the horizontal tie bars are above.The rear bar of the fish tank can be combined with the bottom of the upper filter tank, and a single layer of bar can be used.
(3) The four rigid corrugations on the outside of the fish tank are bonded and reinforced with dark aluminum alloy right angle materials, which can also beautify.
(4) The four upper corners of the fish tank are secured with triangles modified with dark aluminum alloy grooves and then bonded and reinforced. At the same time, they also play a beautifying role and can prevent the sharp corners of the glass from hurting your hands.
Third: fish tank size:
Length: 1800-2000mm, depending on the size of the space; width: 70mm; height: 70mm.After adding water, the water surface is 50mm high, leaving 20mm space on it.
Fourth: layout of facilities in the cylinder:
(1) Filtration method: bottom filtration + double-sided triangular overflow side filtration in the cylinder + upper filtration.
(2) Oxygenation method: the water outlet of the filter is designed as a triangular zone reverse gas lift, plus a submersible motor for partial filtration (with oxygenation and without filtration).
(3) Heating method: dual 300W electronic temperature control heating rods are heated, and are placed at an angle of 45 degrees below the filter outlet and near the submerged motor.
(4) Increase water flow method: In addition to flushing water from the filter outlet, install a submerged motor (with oxygenation and without filtration).
(5) Illumination: the top double plant lamp (red) + double bottom water lamp at the bottom of the cylinder, the power is 30W.
(6) Anti-jump: the upper strainer is near the rear of the cylinder and the upper filter is glued. The length is equal to the length of the cylinder, the width is 30 cm, and the height is not more than the upper edge of the cylinder, so as to facilitate the cover of the cylinder head., That is, the width of the transverse tie bars at the rear of the fish tank is 30 cm.The front part of the upper filter is covered with two thick glasses that are movable in parallel on the reinforcement bar, one of which should fasten half of the cylinder, with a slight gap, one is anti-jumping, and the other is waterproof evaporation;The other piece can leave a gap of 10 cm to facilitate feeding and removing the remaining bait.
Fifth: fish tank cover:
It is processed with wood board and decorated with dark aluminum-plastic board, preferably in the same color as the cabinet, to prevent moisture and deformation.The cylinder head is divided into three separate parts. The last one is the same width as the upper filter tank, which is 30 cm, which is convenient for lifting and cleaning the filter tank; the middle one is 25 cm wide, which is basically immovable, and two upper lights are fixed in parallel on the bottom side.The outermost piece is 15 cm wide and is often lifted to facilitate feeding, water addition and other daily management.
Sixth: Aquarium beautification:
Because it is used to raise red dragons, the whole fish tank should be black to highlight the red color of the red dragon.The glass glue is made of black glue. The back, double sides and bottom of the fish tank are glued into black with black sticky notes. The black sticky notes on the bottom can be glued between the two layers of glass bottom.The two triangular overflow outer baffles in the fish tank are made of double-layer adhesive glass, and black instant stickers are also glued between the two layers of glass to block the filter material.The upper edge of the fish tank is 15 cm down and decorated with black decorative boards.
Seventh: Place the fish tank:
(1) The fish tank is placed on a custom-made cabinet with foam board underneath. The cabinet is 1800-2000mm long, depending on the size of the space; width: 70mm; height: 60mm.
(2) The base cabinet is placed on a whole wood board and leveled with a horizontal ruler. It should be placed vertically with the floor board to disperse the weight of the fish tank and reduce the floor board pressure.
(3) The fish tank should be placed in a place where few people move around and the dragon fish is not easily frightened.The best location is near the east or west wall, and there should be no direct sunlight to prevent the growth of green algae in the tank due to sunlight, and it should be close to the power supply.
Eighth: production of fish tank bottom cabinet:
It can be processed with two kinds of raw materials: one is to use round steel tubes as six-leg support, and the thick angle iron is used as beam, which is covered with aluminum-plastic panel or MDF; the other is to use hardwood as frame, six-leg support, which is wrapped with aluminum-plastic panel or MDF.Use a density board on the top surface of the cabinet and leave circular holes of corresponding diameter on the bottom of the fish tank and at the drain.If the aluminum-plastic board is used for outsourcing, the dark color is used; if the MDF is used for the outer covering, the dark color is painted.Two round holes with a diameter of 5 cm are left on the left side of the back of the cabinet to facilitate the penetration of the power cord and oxygen charging head.To facilitate the placement of the bottom filter tank, there is no need to add a bottom to the bottom cabinet, but to add a beam to strengthen, first place the bottom filter tank and then put the bottom cabinet, and finally put the fish tank.The four doors of the cabinet are open, the bottom filter tank is placed on the right side of the cabinet, and there is space on the left to install the power supply.
Ninth: production of fish tank filter:
The upper filter tank is made with reference to the pattern above, using ordinary glass with a thickness of 0.5 cm, the size is: the length of the inner diameter of the fish tank, the width is 30 cm, the height does not exceed the upper edge of the tank, the lateral sides of the filter tank are directly adhered to the glass on both sides of the fish tank, the back is the back glass of the fish tank, and the bottom is the fish tankLacing at the rear.It is divided into six grids, from right to left in order: the first grid is the upper water pipe hole grid, the second grid is equipped with filter cotton, which acts as a physical filter, and the third to fifth grids are equipped with biochemical rings or biochemical balls, which perform biochemical filtration.The sixth grid is the sewer.The first grid, the second grid and the sixth grid can be slightly narrower, and the middle three grids should be wider to place more biochemical filters.The second grid of filter cotton is placed in multiple layers, the uppermost layer is coarse filter cotton, and several layers of fine filter cotton are placed in sequence according to the depth of the filter tank. Each layer of filter cotton can be separated by a biochemical ring to facilitate underwater penetration.The height of the spacer glass on each grid is the same. The lower spacer glass should be successively reduced in size, with a height difference of 2 cm. The bottom corners of the lower spacer glass are ground into triangles to avoid the glass glue at the bottom of the fish tank to facilitate adhesion and sealing.The upper spacer glass is 1 cm from the bottom of the filter tank, and the upper and lower spacers are 2 cm apart.The upper edge of the first glass partition is made with a semi-circular hole with a diameter of 3 cm to place the upper water pipe; the lower surface of the first glass is punched with a hole with a 3 cm diameter water pipe, and a 2 cm PVC upper water pipe is worn inside without adhesive sealing.The bottom hole is set on the left side of the filter tank, and the width of the upper side rib should be left, and the diameter of the bottom hole is 2.1 cm, wear a 2 cm short PVC sewer pipe, the bottom of the pipe should be higher than the water surface, and the water falls into the triangle overflow anti-air lift area.
Tenth: production of bottom filter and supporting facilities:
The bottom filter tank is made according to the model above, the actual size is: length 1500mm, width 500mm, height 400mm.Ordinary glass with a thickness of 1 cm is used for glass.Divided into five grids, the first grid is equipped with filter cotton, which plays the role of physical filtration; the second grid to the fourth grid are equipped with biochemical rings and biochemical balls, which play the role of biochemical filtration; the fifth grid is a water storage tank with a built-in large-flow pumping motor (3000To 4000L/H (liter/hour), choose submerged type.If it is not submerged, it is necessary to punch holes in the bottom filter tank wall, which is inconvenient.) In order to pump the filtered clean water back to the fish tank.The power supply of the pumping motor is connected to the bottom cabinet, and the motor outlet pipe is connected to the upper water pipe with a hose to facilitate the replacement of the motor after it is broken.The first grid can be slightly narrower and the fifth grid can be slightly wider.The filter cotton in the first compartment can be placed in multiple layers, and each layer of filter cotton is separated by a biochemical ring or a biochemical ball to facilitate underwater penetration.Nylon socks are placed at the outlet of the sewer pipe to filter larger stolen goods, which is convenient for cleaning, so as to reduce the number of times of cleaning the filter cotton.Filter cotton is inserted into the gap between the upper partition glass and the bottom.The height of the spacer glass on each grid is the same, and the size of the lower spacer glass should be decreased in sequence, with a height difference of 2 cm.The upper spacer glass is 1 cm from the bottom of the filter tank, and the upper and lower spacers are 2 cm apart.The specific glass size is as follows: glass thickness 0.Ordinary glass of 5 cm; the upper partition glass is unified into four pieces with a height of 46mmX and a width of 38mm; the lower partition glass is reduced by 1 cm in height from the first to the fourth, namely 45mm, 43mm, 41mm and 39mm.Both corners of the bottom end of the lower spacer glass are ground into a triangle shape.

Tutorial on DIY fish tank Queen's SailUse the normal 0 in the rear of the right side of the fish tank.The 5 cm glass separates the triangle overflow area.Double-layer glass is used for the partition glass on the overflow area, with black sticky notes inside, and two diameters are hit on the glass 5.5 cm semi-circular hole (also called overflow hole), used to overflow the oil film and floating objects on the water surface, the glass height is 52 cm (70-1.5-1-1-15=65. 5) The width is 40 cm, and a glass block of 1 cm is added at the lower end to leave the lower water inlet gap; the lower interval glass is 48 cm high and 35 cm wide, and the bottom two corners are ground into a triangle shape.
Two holes are made in the bottom of the cylinder in the overflow area, which are the lower water hole and the upper water hole.Drain hole diameter 5.5 cm, wear the sewer pipe and gasket and seal it with glass glue. The sewer pipe directly passes through the bottom of the tank and the bottom cabinet and connects to the top of the first compartment of the lower filter tank, and drains the water into the lower filter tank.After the sewer pipe is vertically extended to the bottom cabinet surface, according to the height of the bottom cabinet surface and the lower filter tank, a PVC pipe with a suitable length and a diameter of 3 cm is bonded, and then transferred to a 3 cm to 2 cm diameter, and then to a 2 cm 45Degree elbow, and finally connect a 2 cm PVC pipe to the top of the first filter cotton in the lower filter tank, and a nylon sock at the end of the pipe.
Diameter of water hole 2.1 cm, with a 2 cm PVC water supply pipe inside, reinforced and sealed by means of casing bonding on the inside and outside of the cylinder bottom, adding a gasket and glass glue, the water supply pipe is directly connected to the upper filter tank, and the water is discharged after the upper filterEnter the triangle overflow back gas lift area on the left side of the fish tank (as shown below).The partition glass of the overflow area is also double-layered, with black sticky notes inside, and the two corners of the bottom end are also triangulated.
The glass interlayer around the two holes of the upper and lower water is sealed with glass glue to prevent water from seeping into the glass interlayer.In order to facilitate the water change, the same pipe is used for the water supply and the water discharge. A valve is added at the horizontal position of the water supply pipe and a valve at the position of the vertical pipe. The external PVC short pipe and hose are used for water change.When changing water, close the valve on the horizontal pipe and open the valve on the vertical pipe.
Fill the biochemical ring in the triangle overflow anti-air lift area, and install a submerged motor (with oxygenation and without filtration) to increase the water flow.The oxygenation hole is opened on the partition glass, and the diameter of the hole can be slightly larger than the diameter of the oxygenation port to facilitate adjustment of the installation position of the submerged motor.The height of the oxygenation hole depends on the height of the oxygenation port after the submerged motor is installed and fixed.The outer end of the oxygenation port is aligned with the spacer glass, so that the submerged motor can be hidden to prevent the dragonfish from being injured.
The reverse gas lift oxygenation pump uses high power, with two gas heads, one in the triangle overflow area, used to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water in the cylinder; one in the bottom filter tank water storage grid, used forNitrifying bacteria supplement sufficient oxygen to accelerate their growth and reproduction.The oxygenation pump should be installed at a position higher than the fish tank to prevent water from flowing back into the oxygenation pump and burning the motor.
Eleven: Electricity safety of household fish tank:
For the sake of beauty, the main power strip of the fish tank is set in the bottom cabinet.For safety, install a leakage protector before the power strip, and be equipped with a delayed power supply and a battery to prepare for emergency heating, oxygenation, lighting and filtering during power outages.All electrical switches are set to press the switch to avoid accidents such as leakage and electrical damage caused by frequent plugging and unplugging of the power plug.

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