The whole point of the big stuff



The whole point of the big stuff

The whole point of the big stuff Butterfly carp
Arowana irreplaceable position but the play had to play Jiedong Jieyang [haochi] Guangdong Province
======== Xianglong Aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Butterfly carp Friends Xingfu said: albino rocket
Cock wire fish hobbyists say: it can only support single
Kindergarten graduate aquarists say: good fat
707 882 582 aquarists said: beautiful
zizai aquarists said: Yes, really big rocket
Lanzhou sheepskin fish lovers say: This is what fish
TZX aquarists say: Good
Black zz aquarists said: beautiful
Yuyao hairs aquarists say: nice clean
Bazaar wedding photography hobbyist said: Yes


Ibaka fish 大师们给看看是满银还是泰金

Ive been home for more than four months

The gods help me to see three red dragon fish two tails a little bit are there parasites?

The power of the giant pliers is too fierce to reach at all

Same frame




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