Platinum or snow white channa?

Platinum or snow white channa?hi, I saw in some LFS got these labels。 Which group is the rarer ones?
How do we differentiate?

Platinum or snow white channa? AROWANA Forum==comments==
I believe you saw that Channa at Seaview right? Cos Seaview label it as Snow White Channa while other LFS like AquaOne label it as Platinum Channa。
Actually I am no expert in Channa and appreciate if those experience bros can advise。
>For me is just a normal channa 。。 if platinum or snow white the price will be very $$$ 。
>From the words themselves,arowana fish and chips snow white seems pure white。 What about bronze etc? Are they just fanciful terms?
>I believe they r the same。。
Sound expensive like platinum gar,
Saw some at aqua one and to my surprise。。。price quite affordable。
>Fancy name always make fishes worth more。
>Ya fancy name name makes me confused too
Till now I dunno the diff between platinum gar and Snow White gar
>both r expensive variants and rare = snow and platinum。
>I like platinum better than white。 Important no blemishes。
>the snow white gar looks,v nice like doplin
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