Can RTC comm with Tigrinus?

Can they comm peacefully or surely will be no peace?
In my humble opinion bro,rtc will be quite peaceful with fishes that cannot fit in their mouth based on the ones i kept.But since their growth rate is quite fast,if you comm better to monitor.I kept six juvenile rtcs together at one time before,one of them outgrew and swallow the rest. Happy catfish keeping
>Thanks Bro, less of that worries since I have monsters but the only bottom dweller is a 20" tig I dun really want see them fight..

Can RTC comm with Tigrinus? Gold-headed blue background gold arowana Btw RTC will reach 3ft in tank? Mine 6ft...
>Originally Posted by bloomfish Btw RTC will reach 3ft in tank? Mine 6ft... actually im also wondering how big they get in tank bro. I normally give them up after they hit more than 15" plus. Reason bcos at around that size i find not much i can comm with as i prefer mini monsters like gulper cat etc.
>Depending on width, but in tank seldom cross 2.5ft.



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