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i wanted to knw is arowana(silver) really a feng shui fishif yes hw shuld i setup its tank,den what tank mates shuld i put in,the background of the tank,the size of the tank and everythng else please help。
IMHO, the silver arowana looks like a knife, whereas Golden and Red arowana may provide good Feng Shui。
Im not an expert of Feng Shui。 I believe different people may have different interpretation of Feng Shui。
>Chinese businessmen believe that by keeping a golden or red Asian Arowana in office or home bring lucks and prosperity in one self。 But others thought that in order to avoid sacrifices or killing, one should avoid keeping predatory fishes。 Very contradicting but it all comes down to which one you choose to believe in。
Keeping asian arowana or even silver aro require lots of efforts and patient。 For a starter, one should have sufficient knowledge in their habits, big tank ( no tank is big enough ) and a sound understanding in water management。 Do some research before committing to get your dream setup。
As for tankmates, arowana can be keep in a community tank of min 3 or more。 Mid dwellers fish like silver dollars, datnioides, hooks。。。 etc are good companions to arowana。 For bottom dwellers, you may consider catfish, birchirs or stingrays。。。
Looking forward, you need a filtration system capable enough to maintain your arowana comm in the long run as they grow BIG!
Hope these brief info helps。 Happy Aro-keeping。
>Originally Posted by ajinkyakulkarni i wanted to knw is arowana(silver) really a feng shui fishif yes hw shuld i setup its tank,den what tank mates shuld i put in,the background of the tank,the size of the tank and everythng else please help。 The answer is ";NO";。。。。。please pardon me for being so straightforward。
There is many self-belief ideas around us in this planet, last time i ever heard of Flowerhorn as FengShui fish because can bring lottery luck, Pirahna as FengShui fish because they are carnivores can help to eat your enemy and protect you from harm or injury, Koi as FengShui fishes and they have different breed to represent different elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth)。。。。。well, i am someone whom believe in Feng Shui but i dont believe all these as it depends on which schools of taught you are talking about, and what is your personal readings, etc。
Some story sharing, i everheard someone keeps turtles in a 8ft tank and his business boomz like rocket。 Another fellow is he give up all the water features and water elements (means no aquariums) and keep macaws and african grey, he switch his career as a navy instructor to a commercial pilots till now。 Last story is there is this man whom business decline eversince he keep arowanas, when he get rid of all the arowanas and change to goldfishes his business go back on the right track and is still growing。
What i am trying to say is, simply put, there is no such thing as Silver is FS fish, Flowerhorn is FS fish, whatever is suitable for you is your lucky charm and auspicious FS item, thats it, just that simple! It depends on your personal reading, the place you stay (good or bad environment) and country you stay (as to determine which part of the earth are you located at), as its so important because then will be able to locate your sectors as to then match with many other details to decide which is suitable for you, lets says end of the reading and analysis says Keeping Silver Arowana is good for you then to you, at least just for you, Silver is a FS Fish to you indeed。
Hope i had given you a clearer mind now。
>imo, any fish can be a fengshui stuff。
y? as long a tank with living water running already consider as ";qi"; flowing。
sometime its personal belief。
Please refer to the productive cycle of the Five Elements concept
To neutralize the WOOD threat, a Geomancer may advise his/her client to utilize all FIVE elements!-
We can introduce the following elements!
1。 EARTH element! This is represented by a rectangular fish tank and pebbles in the tank。
2。 METAL element! Goldfish or dragon fish
3。 WATER element! The actual water in the tank
4。 FIRE element! E。g。 red coloured goldfish or fish tank lighting

arowana feng shui fish+setting up its ta AROWANA Forum But often the fire element may not be enough to create a full balance。 Since red colour represents the fire element, a simple solution like a red packet can help to increase the fire element to create a balance。
Even Suntec City fountain has the following elements!-
1。 EARTH element! This is represented by water flowing down to the centre-point or to the earth。
2。 METAL element! The bronze ring is made of metal。 And also circle represents the metal element。
3。 WATER element! The actual water flowing down from the ring。
4。 FIRE element! The laser light display。
This is a sketch of a typical Feng Shui fountain (Qi enhancer) incorporating all Five elements!-
Alternatively, try to employ all Five elements in a Fish tank to harmonize it to the surroundings。
Frankly, in Feng Shui, there is really no issue on the type of fish kept。 It can be fresh water tank! koi, dragon fish, goldfish, salt water tank。
In general arowana fish because it is shiny/silvery already belongs to the METAL element。 Gold arowana simply is an extension of the metal element while a red arowana has metal and fire element。 As the fire element is minimal as compared to the entire fish tank, it does not really have a major impact on the elements within the fish tank。
>Originally Posted by ajinkyakulkarni i wanted to knw is arowana(silver) really a feng shui fishif yes hw shuld i setup its tank,den what tank mates shuld i put in,the background of the tank,SUPER RED AROWANAthe size of the tank and everythng else please help。 ask your fengshui master 1st abt what elements u r lacking, and the positn to place the tank if u really believe in fengshui
>India got Fengshui Master or not?
>You wont be surprised that Feng Shui is being practised world-wide。
One of the Feng Shui experts in India is ";Master Charuhas Naik";。 His website is
>Im surprised。。。 Wahahaha。。。
>no offence
i think if u really wish to keep an aro, then u should ask for advice and try best to keep and provide it the best, instead of expecting just only the feng shui part。
for me, i dun quite think i really think of keepin an aro is gud for feng shui (yes, in some case i do believ) though ppl round me always joke of me by saying keeping an aro help increase gud feng shui。 coz if u see it lik tat, mayb u will easily get disappointed when nothing change after u keep it, then u tend to giv up the fish。
then, if u treat d dragon well, i think ur dragon will treat u gud too 。。。
so, hop u enjoy stepping into this hobby, and wish to hear some gud news from u soon
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