About Koi Fish Tank

The house I just bought has been turned over. I bought the building in the middle of the building. I want to make a sun room upstairs 3.5*1.2*0.9 fish tank, please ask the masters, the glass length is not too long, can it be glued?
========Comments of Xianglong Aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Haotianzhifengshen Comments: Be sure to find a professional person to help.
UFOrrr Comment: Learn
鹤冲天 Comment: Support
Gentle Xiaosheng Comment: A whole piece of glass seems to be 3.66*2.44 The size is enough for you
sharp-shooter Comment: The rift will not be too tight.
Canghai Hongyin Comment: Will the weight of more than a ton be a little unsafe in the conservatory?
雨过天晴lin Comment: You can make the filter tank separately, and discharge it together is not the same?Insurance like this
Colorful God Comment: Its a bit longer, but its okay to do the stretching.
Head and shell comment: I dont understand a lot of people recently


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