How do you break this situation?



How do you break this situation?

Every time the pump is turned off and turned on, it will flush out the dirt in the tube!Full of snowflakes, will it hurt the fish?How to solve it?
======== Xianglong aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Big arhat fish comment: If it is a bacterial membrane, there is no problem, if it is food residue or feces and other sediments, it will not work.
The past is not as good as smoke. Comment: This situation is also not a problem.
The past is not as good as smoke Comments: Regular cleaning equipment
Honghongyu V Comment: Like me, you can buy a soup bag and put it in the water outlet when changing the water.
Aran kT1fX Comment: I have been cleaning the pump regularly like this
Play Life: Comment: When the bacterial membrane reaches a certain thickness, the water flow changes normally, and some fish will eat it.
Invincible Xiao Acai Comment: Why turn off the pump?


I dreamed for a night and I dreamed that there was a backyard in our village where there was a fish

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