Sad to change the water last night



Sad to change the water last night

The day before yesterday, my wife said that there was debris in the tank and asked me to wash the filter cotton. Since it was already 10pm, I only washed the filter cotton and did not change the water.Last night, I turned off my entertainment and went home to change the water. Because I forgot to watch the news and watched the tank, the water level was set to a quarter. I felt that there should be no problem, so I connected the shower hose to add water to the fish tank. The water temperature was controlled at 31After the fish tank water level was increased to the normal water level, it was found that the three arowanas had different responses. Two hid on the side of the sewer and one on the side of the water inlet, and they gasped for a long time. They felt that the state was not very good, so quickly raise the water temperature to32 degrees, add salt, add monkey liquid, and explode oxygen. At this time, at 23 oclock, I feel that the problem is not too big, so I turned off the lights and went to bed. I woke up at 2 oclock in the morning to see the state of the Golden Dragon.The little dragon has swam in a crane fairy!
To sum up a few points, one, dont be too lazy to raise dragons. Why do you change the water drastically because there is no water change for more than 10 days?2. Feeling awful and difficult, I found that Xiaolongs activities were abnormal and did not communicate with the fish farm in a timely manner. If the fish were changed to a fish tank at the time, such a situation might not occur.Three, water quality is very important, it seems that triplets must be bought!
In addition, there is also a question: go to the fish restaurant in the morning, optimistic about a small gold head about 30cm, the boss wants 5500, do not know if it is expensive?There are two small dragons in the family. It is said that the dragons are to be raised separately.
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Husband Haolong Comments:
Raising a dragon is not afraid of raising poorly!!Im afraid of tossing and irregularity (large changes)!!The landlord remembers that stability is a prerequisite for raising a dragon!!
king6789 Comment: Tiantianfengyu Posted on 2014-6-26 11:39
Not much for a quarter, but this can also happen
Is a quarter left
king6789 comment: 112233statue posted on 2014-6-25 22:11
Will your bath be electric or a gas stove, will it be poisoned by carbon monoxide?
Its a gas stove, its always used, it wont be poisoned by carbon monoxide.
Tiantianfengyu Comments: Not a quarter of it, but this can also happen
Big Eyed Frog Comment:
Thanks to the landlord for posting.Study hard.I wish you all a good arowana fish!
It doesnt matter if the new ride is stinky, our tap water is poisonous
112233statue Comment: Is your bath heated or gas stove, will carbon monoxide poisoning?
stareastbob comment: stipulate how much time to change water and wash cotton, do not cause such cups anymore
Ice Crystal-Rebirth Comment: Raising a dragon is not afraid of raising badly!!Im afraid of tossing and irregularity (large changes)!!The landlord remembers that stability is a prerequisite for raising a dragon!!
LYpectoral Comment: Too many water changes at once


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