Peng Binhui executive deputy secretary-general of China Fisheries Association and his entourage cond



Peng Binhui executive deputy secretary-general of China Fisheries Association and his entourage conducted a survey in Lishui Zhejiang

At the symposium, Deputy Director Cheng Suliang and responsible comrades of the county and municipal fishery authorities introduced the development of fisheries in Lishui and counties and cities. Director Wang Kaiwei of the Lishui Representative Office of the Association reported on the development of the representative office.Executive Deputy Secretary-General Peng Binhui said that through this investigation and discussion, he had a comprehensive understanding of the fishery situation in Lishui City.He fully affirmed the achievements of Lishui City based on ecological advantages, vigorously developing boutique fisheries, creating a green fishery development innovation zone, and the work done after the establishment of the representative office.He suggested that Lishui City should focus on the three titles of "Chinas Land of Baby Fish" and "Chinas Ecological Creek and Fish" awarded by Lishui City by the China Fisheries Association last year, and the three titles of "Chinas Land of Fish and Fish" in Qingtian County, Lishui City.Development article: 1. Field fish is a unique farming species in Lishui. Qingtian rice-fish symbiosis system is the first batch of important global agricultural cultural heritage. It is necessary to strengthen the promotion and promotion of field fish and its culture to promote the integrated development of fishing and tourism and promoteIncrease the income of farmers and revitalize the countryside; 2. To spread the knowledge about the reasonable development and utilization of farmed baby fish to the public, promote the nutritional value of baby fish, pay attention to the deep processing of baby fish, research and develop related products, and continuously expand the consumer market to achieve assistanceEat and promote nutrition; Third, take advantage of Lishuis ecological resources, rely on ecological creek fish, and build beautiful fishing villages as the starting point, vigorously develop leisure fisheries and cultivate new growth points in Lishui fishery economy.Peng Binhui Executive Deputy Secretary-General pointed out that the association can carry out in-depth cooperation with Lishui City in technical training, production and marketing docking, leisure fisheries, cultural festivals, etc., continue to improve the development level and brand awareness of Lishuis characteristic fisheries, and promote Lishui City with high-quality fishery developmentEconomic growth.

  From July 28 to 31, 2019, Peng Binhui, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the China Fisheries Association, Guan Yibo, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the Member Department, and Yan Xiufang, Secretary-General of the Shrimp Branch of the Association, conducted a survey in Lishui, Zhejiang.Peng Binhui and his entourage went to Qingtian, Songyang, Suichang, Longquan and other counties and cities to investigate the comprehensive farming of Tianyu (Oujiang color carp) and the breeding enterprises of giant sander (baby fish) and spiny breast frog (stone frog).The responsible comrades of the bureau and the fishery authorities of the counties and cities of Lishui held discussions on the development of characteristic fisheries, the use of fishery brands, and the role of representative offices.Lin Yuqing, deputy secretary general of the Lishui Municipal Government, Cheng Suliang, deputy director of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, leaders of relevant county and municipal governments, and Wang Kaiwei, director of the Lishui Representative Office of the China Fisheries Association, accompanied the investigation or participated in the forum.

  Executive Deputy Secretary-General Peng Binhui asked the Lishui Representative Office of the Association to work hard in three aspects while completing the work assigned by the Association: one is to vigorously develop members, strengthen the membership team, and strengthen the foundation of the representative office; second, to continuously improve service capabilities, To enhance its own hematopoietic function, combined with the needs of local members in technical guidance, product sales, etc., to do a good job in service and expand the work area; third, we must closely contact the functional departments and develop under the guidance of relevant functional departments.Actively strive for the government to purchase service projects, and play a greater role in promoting the development of Lishui fisheries.


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