Experts ask a few questions about the butterfly koi



Experts ask a few questions about the butterfly koi

Ask experts, novices want to keep a butterfly koi from the start how much support appropriate size? In addition 1.5 migang directly for changing the water tap line not? There is a different color, also known as butterfly koi do?Such as yellow, black?


Thank you

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Butterfly fine carp fish lovers say: At present, only white Butterfly carp.A small amount of yellow and red.I should think pretty hard, pretty Butterfly carp need good water quality.

Experts ask a few questions about the butterfly koi Great white sharkTaro home aquarists black dog, he said: seedlings can, grow fast, Ill keep that changing the water tap is now on our side white.Only my favorite white.Other colors do not understand
Friends Xingfu butterfly carp says: welcome to join the ranks butterfly carp
Ah Chan qqqq fish lovers say: What is the middle of pelvic disease?
She ah aquarists She said: white, black is black comet, butterfly carp can under running water, but not too much difference in temperature
A5V5bVxd aquarists said: koi, you can directly tap all right, but not the goldfish
Cock wire fish hobbyists say: butterfly carp black and white, other colors basically no
Panda burning incense grandfather look Koi area, a senior butterfly koi fish friends, take the initiative to ask
Shortage in China beginning aquarists said: cheapest first practice hand raised fish, 6-8 cm.And then into 25 cm above into a fish.The butterfly has red, yellow, white and black panda
Xing Zheng xp4KG aquarists said: want to have a friend to understand a lot of advice


Century lovers dragon fish dragon peak

Just love this color of you

My family Red Dragon dance

Red Arowana This years new species of arhat fish in Thailands fishery is

how u solve ur algae problem?




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