How to choose the width of 12 meters?



How to choose the width of 12 meters?

Planning to make a tank, local limitations, can only put down 1.2 meters of tank, the width is going to be 53 cm or 61 cm

  Is 53 cm wide, is the golden dragon enough?If 53 is enough, is it necessary to be 61 cm wide?

  61 cm wide, is it enough to raise a red dragon?

  Thank you all!

  David0010027 Say: Decisive 61 cm
Yuyou Jiashuzhen Say: 1.2 meters, 53 is enough, 61 is too ugly
Yu Bin Jiang Binbin Say: 1 The width is enough, the length is not enough, if the fish is big, you must change the cylinder!
Yuyou Jiashuzhen Say: So to say, there is no need to make it too wide, the length of the fish is definitely not enough.
Yuyou Mingzi 001002 Say: The wider the better
Fish Friends zcf2199 Say: Yes, just enough width
Fish FriendsDiamond Mavericks Say: Brothers, is the width of 53CM or 61CM enough?
Yuyou happy fish sunshine Say: Still 61
Yuyous passion and destiny Say: The landlord should try to be as wide as possible.


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