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My filter performance has greatly reduce a few mths ago and i decided to check out why。
When i opened my filter and check out the head i had a shock。 There was whitish slimy thing on those two part of the filter as seen in the attachment。 Can someone tell me what is it l, what caused it and is ut something serious。 Thanks

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I dont have much experience with canister; only use a canister once,Indonesia Super Red Arowana hence can only share my knowledge generally。
The whitish slimy thing most probably is all the bio load passed out by the fishes/plants/aquarium system。 When everything is kept in an enclosed environment, there is chemical biological effects going on and the bio load (the poo) can turned into all sorts of weird things。 Why it will come to the mechanical parts of the filter? Again, in an enclosed environment, there are water vapors/chemical gas emitting and circulating in it, then dirt can be trapped everywhere。 For instance, if you closed all the doors and windows of your house, just on the fans, dirt will trap at your ceiling, ceiling lamp 。。。 everywhere in the house。 Same logic。
A question - when is the last time you open the canister/wash the canister? Since you can take out the part, just wash and scrub it clean and fix back, performance should be back to normal。
How long to wash clean a canister is again a skill to maintain your aquarium system; again I use this word, a balance of everything。 Simple logic - big tank contains huge water volume, with a few fishes (bioload is low), wc regular using a filter like this, duration to open wash canister will be less frequent; duration prolong。 A big tank with a lot of fishes (bioload is high), wc regular, duration to open wash canister will be much frequent。
My 2 cents。 Hope it helps。Eheim 2080Eheim 2080


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