Zookeeper loses fingertip as sea lion mi

Zookeeper loses fingertip as sea lion mistakes it for foodA zookeeper lost part of her finger when a sea lion at the Singapore Zoo mistook her hand for food。
The keeper, who goes by the name Kaitri, was conducting a regular training session with the young male sea lion last Thursday morning when it bit off the tip of the ring finger on her left hand。

Members of her team who were there bandaged her injured finger and applied ice, said Wildlife Reserves Singapores human resources director Jean Tan。 She was sent to a nearby hospital,saltwater aquarium fish which discharged her the next day。 The zoo declined to reveal more details about the incident。
The Straits Times understands that the keeper has been working at the zoo for a couple of years and has experience working with sea lions。

Zookeeper loses fingertip as sea lion mi Aquaculture Forum

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