Dongguans delicious liquor list



Dongguans delicious liquor list

Qionglai was called Linqiong in the ancient times, and it is located in the western Sichuan Plain. It is rich in high-quality water sources. It is a neutral mild acid clay suitable for diarrhea in winter., Fusion into a delicate and special wine-making conditions, making Qionglai a feng shui treasure to produce good wine.

  Bring some bad effects to the body.Presumably many people in life will rely on drinking to promote sleep. Some young people make it difficult to sleep because of work stress and anxiety, so they will use the paralysis of wine to make them sleep fast. Some young people follow the bodyThe circadian clock has also been adjusted, and the sleep of the elderly will become lighter and shallower, so they will have a drink every night, which will make them more sleepy. The effect of liquor on the human system, especially pure grain puree liquor.

  Chuan Zanwang (Wuhan) Liquor Co., Ltd. is located in Qionglai City, Sichuan Province, the hometown of Zhuo Wenjun, the great liquor of the original liquor and the talented daughter of the Western Han Dynasty.


  Liquor raw materials: The raw materials for brewing include grains, sweet potato-based potatoes, and substitute raw materials. In the production, the first two types of raw materials are used instead of raw materials.Due to the different types of liquor, the raw materials used are also different.The difference in winemaking raw materials and the quality of the raw materials have a very close relationship with the quality and style of the wine produced. Therefore, the production must be strictly selected.Sorghum sorghum, also known as red grain, can be divided into yellow, red, white, and brown sorghum according to the color of the ear. According to the nature of the starch contained in the grain, there are japonica sorghum and waxy sorghum.


  Therefore, less volatile substances stored in the wine body are less irritating to people and beneficial to health.2. High acidity, which is good for healthy sauce-flavored wine. It has a high acidity, which is 3 to 5 times that of other wines. It is mainly based on acetic acid and lactic acid.According to the theory, the acid will control the spleen and stomach, protect the liver, and soften the blood vessels.Western medicine also recognizes that eating acid is good for health.Taoism and also attach great importance to the health function of acid.3. Sauce-flavored wine rich in healthy and effective ingredients contains SOD. It is a scavenger for oxygen free radicals. Its main function is to eliminate excess free radicals in humans. It has obvious anti-fatigue, anti-fatigue, anti-virus, and anti-resistance effects.


  Taste is not sweet; "semi-dry" type sugary 0.51.2% very weak sweet taste; "semi-sweet" type, with sugar 1.25% has a sweet taste; the "sweet" type contains more than 5% sugar and has a sweet countrys rice wine also uses the Western classification of wine.Beer is a colored wine, which can be divided into yellow beer, dark beer and white beer (made of wheat) according to the depth of color.6. Other classification methods have been introduced above. According to the production process, they can be divided into distilled wine and fermented wine.

  According to the appraisal by the Liquor Jury, the wine has a unique style of "strong pit aroma, sweet and refreshing, long aftertaste".The company has a fully automatic filling production line and advanced testing and inspection methods. Liquor scholars across the country strictly control to ensure that the quality rate of product quality is above 99%.The company has become a supply of high-quality seasoning wine for more than 40 large and medium-sized wineries across the country, and has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

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  The large piece is large and mainly contains Aspergillus and yeast; the small piece is small and mainly contains Mucor, Rhizopus and yeast.The mold breaks down the starch in the grain into sugar, and the yeast converts the sugar into alcohol.Xiaoqu has a low calorific value and is suitable for hot and humid climates in the south.Most famous wines are produced in the north or in Sichuan and Guizhou where the climate is cool, and most are Daqu liquor.According to the taste of the formula, it is mainly divided into four flavor types, and there are more than twelve kinds of meticulous.Liquor has always been a hot drink, as everyone knows.There are many brands of liquor, and there are countless kinds of liquor, middle-end liquor and low-end liquor.

  As the saying goes, "Wine is the fragrance of Chen"!The main component of wine is ethanol, in addition to ethanol, there are microorganisms in the distillation process, methanol, acetaldehyde and so on.The hero in the liquor can emit aromatic odor is ethyl acetate. The content of aldehydes and acids in the new wine is very small. It not only has no fragrance, but also stimulates the throat.Therefore, the freshly brewed wine tastes raw, bitter, and astringent, and after aging in the natural cellar, the aldehyde in the wine is continuously oxidized to carboxylic acid and then esterified with alcohol to produce ethyl acetate with aromatic smell to make the wine rich.

  The meaning of wine This is a high realm. At this time, there are people in the wine, and there are people in the wine.The stimulus given by the material form of the liquor to the persons senses triggers a higher level of spiritual resonance of the drinker, and stimulates the drinkers spiritual pleasure to blend in with the spirit of the wine, just as "the drunkards intention is not about wine, but also between mountains and rivers."A wonderful feeling of harmony between heaven and earth.Liquor and Culture Liquor, a symbol that runs through the history of Chinese civilization, tells the totem complex of a nation and interprets the lifestyle of an ancient Eastern power.

  The age-old saying of "Wen Jun is a king, like a porcelain" shows that Qionglai has been making wine for more than two thousand years.Chuan Zanwang (Wuhan) Liquor Co., Ltd. covers an area of 30,000 square meters, has more than 500 employees and technical management personnel at all levels, fixed assets and working capital of 50 million yuan, and annual production of 10,000 tons of qujiu.Its Luzhou-flavored Koji wine adheres to the ancient method, that is, it adheres to the traditional production technology, solid cellar fermentation, aging storage, using modern technology and precision brewing.

  It is as soft as a brocade and sharp as a steel knife; it is omnipresent and powerful, it can be respected and weeping. The ancient wine culture should kill the slaughter; it can make people detached and talented;Soaring in time and space; it can also make people wanton and brave to sink to the bottom of the abyss, let people throw off their masks and show the truth.Wine, in the long history of human culture, it is more than just an objective material existence.It is a cultural symbol that is the symbol of the spirit of Dionysus.Now, the spirit of Dionysus is based on Taoist philosophy.Zhuang Zhou advocated that things and me are one, and heaven and man are one, and life and death together.Zhuang Zhou sang a song of freedom, advocating traveling by objects, traveling beyond the sea, and no homeland.Zhuangzi prefers to be a free tortoise in a muddy pond, rather than a boundless limping horse.The pursuit of freedom, forgetting life and death Lilu and honor and disgrace, is the essence of the spirit of Dionysus.

  And require the appropriate pH, temperature, humidity and necessary oxygen and other conditions.Therefore, the raw material for making koji should meet the above two requirements for the growth of useful microorganisms.For example, raw materials such as wheat and rice for making Daqu and Xiaoqu, in addition to being rich in starch and inorganic elements, also contain enough protein to grow microorganisms; the bran raw material bran is both a carbon source and a nitrogen source.Another example is to make the curved blank have a certain shape, and adapt to the laws of product temperature rise and fall, heat dissipation, water volatilization, and oxygen supply during the cultivation process.

  After getting the third edict to enter Beijing, he was happily appointed in Beijing.Before the trip, a wine was given, and a poem was given. Gao Yin said, "Look out to heaven and go out with a laugh. Will my generation be Penghao people?"Li Taibai aspires to fame and merit, but he is proud of the powerful.According to historical records, Li Bai often drank during his tenure in Hanlin.One day, Tang Xuanzong ordered him to write music for Yang Guifei, and Li Taibai, who was drunk and not conscious of his personnel, wrote dozens of chapters.Xuanzong Joy, seeing his clothes ragged, gave him his clothes.



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